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Updated 03/26/20
Shoots cancelled at Piedmont: 04/04 and 04/11 View
Shoot cancelled at Brushy Mountain: 04/18 View
Shoot cancelled at Halifax: 05/09 View
Updated 03/20/20
Shoot cancelled at Kettlefoot on 3/21 and 3/28 View
Shoot cancelled at Quantico on 4/26 View
Updated 03/18/20
The start of the VYTL has been postponed. Shooters should contact the club before traveling to any shoot; many have been cancelled.
Shoot cancelled at Stonewall on 4/05/20 View
Shoot cancelled at Quantico on 3/22/20 View
Shoot cancelled at Rivanna on 3/28/20 View
Updated 03/15/20
Shoot cancelled at Brushy Mountain on 3/21/20 View
Updated 03/14/20
Shoot cancelled at Christiansburg on 3/22/20 View
Added shoots at Halifax County Gun Club View
Added shoots at Winchester Gun Club View
Updated 02/22/20
2020 VTHOF Scholarship application Application
Corrected Rivanna shoot dates for May, June and July View
Updated 02/16/20
2019 AIM Results
2019 AIM Top 500
2019 AIM Top 10
Updated 02/15/20
Halifax County Gun Club is now shooting registered trap View
Updated 02/09/20
Added shoots at Quantico Shooting Club, all are Big 50's: Singles and Doubles View
Updated 12/07/19
State Teams for 2019 View

Bob Brino HOF Inductee2019 Virginia Hall of Fame Inductee Robert (Bob) Brino
Bob began registered trapshooting in 1993. He is currently the shotgun sports chairman of the Arlington-Fairfax Izaak Walton League (AFIWLA) club in Centreville, Virginia, as he has been for 25 years. This chapter is the largest in Virginia. He has served as the trapshooting shooting director for the Fairfax Gun Club in the past as well. As AFIWLA chair he is responsible for all shotgun activities at the club. They will have three registered shoots per year and a winter league that is always at capacity that includes trap and skeet. It should be noted that this league shoot has been running for 40 years.

Mr. Brino is heavily involved in the Crushin Clays tournament that is an annual event at AFIWLA. This charity shoot, sponsored by the Virginia Shooting Sports Association and the NRA, is for the benefit of St. Judes Children’s Hospital. This has been going on for over 20 years and has raised almost $400,000 for the hospital.

Bob has also been the AFIWLA gun club representative to the VTA. The “reps” are actually the VTA’s board of directors.

Shoot Programs
2019 VTA Shoot Program View
Christiansburg Toys for Tots Doubles Shoot View

2020 Virginia Trapshooting Hall of Fame - Scholarship
Virginia Trapshooting Hall of Fame, Inc. Scholarship Application The Virginia Trapshooting Hall of Fame, Inc. (VTHOF) is a non-profit organization separate from the Virginia Trapshooting Association that encourages participation in trapshooting by young shooters at the Virginia Trapshooting Association trap clubs. In addition to supporting 4-H youth shooting and funding reduced target fees for sub-junior and junior shooters at select events during several Virginia state shoots, it is now offering an annual $500 scholarship for Virginia youth shooters Now accepting applications from Jr Gold Shooters Deadline: June 1, 2020 Application

Current VTA Bylaws
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VTA Email List

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VTA Officers
President: Mike Jeter
Vice President: Craig Depiazzy
2nd. Vice President Alan Hemer
Secretary: John Domas
ATA Delegate: George Hafkemeyer
1st Alt. ATA Delegate: Doug McRae
2nd Alt. ATA Delegate: John Domas
Treasurer: Steve Oman
123 Selden Road
Newport News VA 23606
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Active Trapshooting Clubs in Virginia
Click on club to see Registered Shoot Dates
Winchester Arlington - Fairfax Fairfax Northern Virginia Fredericksburg Piedmont Dunnbrooke Conservation Park of Virginia Fort Lee Oceana Norfolk County Rivanna Stonewall Lynchburg Franklin County Christiansburg Tri-Angle Kettlefoot Wilderness Road

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