2013 Hall Of Fame

building2013 Virginia Hall of Fame Inductee Earl Pinkard
After setting records in skeet, Earl started shooting trap in 1987 and has been a devotee ever since. Among his many trophies are the Virginia Singles Champion in 2000, the State Doubles Championship in 2001, and the State Veteran’s Doubles Championship in 2010. In addition, Earl has been on Virginia State Teams for eleven years. Earl served as president of the Richmond Trap & Skeet Club for 10 years and has been Secretary of the Virginia Trapshooting Association for many years. By default Earl took on the role of the VTA’s shoot photographer as well as awarding all trophies. For many years VTA event winners had their pictures taken, framed and a write-up prepared and ready to be published; all of this done by Earl hundreds and hundreds of times.
Saturday May 4, 2013
Event 1
100 16-yard Targets
Entries: 81

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Francisco Molina 99
AA Class Cameron Bailey 98
A Class John Domas 99
B Class John Hodge 97
C Class Richard Dodson 97
D Class Cheryl Jeter 94
Lady Donna Natcher 98
Junior Dylan Wilmouth 95
Veteran Sheldon Hostetter 98
Sub Vet Paul Salomon Sr 98

Event 2
100 Handicap Targets
Entries: 71

Champion Dylan Wilmouth 98
18-21 William Carson 95
22-24 Elwood Tyler 94
25-27 Ron Sutton 94
Event 3
100 Pair Doubles
Entries: 33

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Glen Funkhouser 191
AA Class Ron Sutton 182
A Class Richard Santelli 185
B Class Sean Bardell 178
C Class Rick Demerle 173
D Class Paul Salomon Jr 167
Lady Cassie Hammond 182
Junior Christopher Hise 172
Veteran Sheldon Hostetter 190
Sub Vet William Natcher 181

Sunday May 05, 2013

Event 4
200 Singles
Entries: 89

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Ron Sutton 199
AA Class Michael Campbell 198
A Class Rob Owen 196
B Class Paul Salomon Sr 193
C Class Dave Hewitt 190
D Class Cheryl Jeter 183
Lady Cassie Hammond 195
Junior Treavor Goin 191
Veteran William Carson 195
Sub Vet Elwood Tyler 194

Event 5
Pat Ireland Memorial Handicap - 100 HandicapTargets
Entries: 49

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Cameron Bailey 95
18-21 Kenny Jackson 94
22-24 Scott Petito 92
25-27 Ronald Sutton 93

High Over All
Cameron Bailey 656 x 700

High Over All - Lady
Cassie Hammond 645 x 700

High Over All - Vet
Blair Surber 639 x 700

High Over All - Sub Veteran
Glen Funkhouser  655 x 700