2012 Hall Of Fame

Saturday May 5, 2012
building2012 Virginia Hall of Fame Inductee
      Dave Hewitt
Dave Hewitt started registering targets in 1978 and has shot at approximately 160,000 birds garnering many trophies including the Virginia State Handicap Championship. In addition, he tied for the state doubles championship. He served several years as the Vice President of the Virginia Trapshooting Association, but his primary contribution to trapshooting in Virginia has been his great efforts promoting and working for our sport. Dave’s home club is the Christiansburg Gun Club that depends entirely on volunteer workers to host 14 registered shoots annually. For more than thirty years, Dave has been a leader of these volunteers. He serves as cashier and shoot manager as well as completing the required supporting paperwork. This work requires a few hours of effort before the shoot, much time and work during the shoot and 2 – 3 hours of work after the shoot. This is what makes a shoot happen. Dave creates an atmosphere that brings the shooters back. Dave was instrumental in the planning and execution of improvements at the Christiansburg Gun Club which included new access road and walkways to the club. This was no small feat, as the Christiansburg club sits on the side of a mountain. Trapshooting in Virginia is dependent on shooting events at our many smaller clubs. These smaller clubs depend on efforts of a few hard workers. Dave has worked very hard for over thirty years so that we can drive to the club, shoot targets and then drive home feeling that the experience was memorable and look forward to another shoot on the mountain.
Event 1
100 16-yard Targets
Entries: 94

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Ted Carwile 100
AA Class William Kirby 100
A Class George Hafkemeyer 99
B Class Lucien Charette 99
C Class Guy Hall 97
D Class Cameron Bailey 97
Lady Jennifer Everett 97
Junior Kord Kisthardt 97
Veteran Earl Pinkard 99

Event 2
100 Handicap Targets
Entries: 93

Champion Laurin Ajer 97
19-21 David Dubble 95
22-24 Elwood Tyler 94
25-27 Robert Sirk 94
Event 3
100 Pair Doubles
Entries: 42

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Sheldon Hostetter 193
AA Class William Kirby 191
A Class Earl Pinkard 192
B Class Elwood Tyler 188
C Class Guy Babin 173
D Class Steve Oman 149
Lady Audrey Sharp 165
Junior Kord Kisthardt 181
Veteran Blair Surber 182

Sunday May 06, 2012

Event 4
200 Singles
Entries: 94

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Michael Campbell 199
AA Class Glen Funkhouser 198
A Class Todd Sauble 198
B Class Alan K Corey 197
C Class Cameron Bailey 199
D Class Addriene Phaup 178
Lady Donna Natcher 192
Junior Alec Sauble 190
Veteran Gary Sutphin 197

Event 5
Pat Ireland Memorial Handicap - 100 HandicapTargets
Entries: 91

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Raymond Michael 97
18-21 John Ross 94
22-24 Elwood Tyler 95
25-27 Cassie Hammond 93

High Over All
Elwood Tyler 668 x 700

High Over All - Lady
Linda Roberts 632 x 700

High Over All - Veteran
Earl Pinkard  665 x 700