2011 Hall Of Fame

Saturday April 30, 2011
building2011 Virginia Hall of Fame Inductee
      Carol Gephart Smeltzer
Carol Smeltzer shot ATA trap from 1983 until 1988. During that time, she was on three ATA All American teams. She won numerous Grand American trophies including Preliminary Handicap Ladies Winner and twice was Runner-Up in the Ladies Champion of Champions event with 99 X 100. She holds the ladies national handicap yardage record of 6 1/2 yards earned in one year. She has won numerous shoot offs against both male and female All American shooters.
Carol won many Virginia state titles including the Ladies Singles Championship three years in a row, as well as handicap champion and ladies overall champion. Carol shot in several winter leagues in Virginia and Maryland, coached - including at at George Mason University, and ran or helped at shoots in northern Virginia.
In international trap shooting, she was a member of the US Shooting Team in 1989 and 1991 and was Ladies Champion in 1989 with a record score. At the World Moving Targets Championships in Moscow, she was a member of bronze medal winning ladies double trap squad.
Event 1
100 16-yard Targets
Entries: 78

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Glen Funkhouser 100
AA Class Earl Pinkard 99
A Class Adel Moussa 100
B Class John Hodge 98
C Class David Vaughn 100
D Class Steve Oman 96
Lady Catherine Brown 99
Junior No Winner  
Veteran Howard Longerbeam 98

Event 2
100 Handicap Targets
Entries: 81

Champion Michael Thompson 96
19-21 Roger Jesse 95
22-24 P.D. Stanholtz 96
25-27 Earl Pinkard 93
Event 3
100 Pair Doubles
Entries: 34

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Earl Pinkard 188
AA Class No Winner  
A Class Steve Hawkins 183
B Class George Hafkemeyer 181
C Class David Vaughn 180
D Class Bob Igou 172
Lady Marion Sirk 168
Junior None  
Veteran John D. Fabio 179

Sunday May 01, 2011

Event 4
200 Singles
Entries: 71

Winners Shooter Score
Champion Howard Longerbeam 198
AA Class Gary Sutphin 198
A Class Allen Hemer 196
B Class Dale Woolum 196
C Class Steve Oman 188
D Class Kenneth Shockey 190
Lady Cassie Hammond 195
Junior Kevin Sutton 188
Veteran Earl Pinkard 198

Event 5
Pat Ireland Memorial Handicap - 100 HandicapTargets
Entries: 71

Winners Shooter Score
Champion David Vaughn 95
18-21 Ronald Hastings 95
22-24 Kenneth Shockey 95
25-27 Michael Thompson 95

High Over All
David Vaughn 660 x 700

High Over All - Lady
Catherine Brown 629 x 700

High Over All - Veteran
Steve Hawkins  657 x 700